Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is Unity; illuminating the connection to the anatomical body, energetic body, emotions, higher mind, euphoria, and our environment. Being a yoga teacher means that I have the privilege to never stop exploring, always being aware, and enjoying the process of life.  I have the opportunity to make my life as aligned while utilizing my access to knowledge, intellect, intuition, and wisdom.  That being said, I also have the privilege of helping others find their own path, giving guides of navigation through their own journey.  I am giving my students the permission to be fully in his or her self, while in my class. Hopefully students use these treasures to sprinkle among his or her life.  


Athena Ray Sweeten is a 300hr RYT and a Wilderness First Responder. She attained her 200hr Yoga certification from Kula Yoga Shala right off the ocean in a pleasant little sunshine town called Jupiter, Florida. A 100hr teacher training through Ganjasana. Her wilderness medicine training is through Wilderness Medicine Outfitters in Elizabeth, Colorado. 


Contact/Booking: ahimsabynature@gmail.com