Who doesn’t want to move their body in the early morning mountains surrounded by good music, good people, and beautiful views? Ahimsa By Nature took place at Discs-n-Dabs 3rd Annual Tournament.


Bridges and Grey Days. Middle grounds. Transitional moments. These moments of movement shape our process. How can these moments shape our life so that we appreciate the path of constant change? Thresholds.

Just some improvisation to Bassnectar - Butterfly. Video & Edit by Ben Kraus. This was a fun project that was put together in one day.

Ra Ma Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung

Ra - Sun / Energy
Ma - Moon / Rest / Receptivity
Da - Earth / Grounding / Roots
Sa - Personal Infinity / Grounded Energy out to Universe
Sa Say - Totality Infinity / Universal Energy back to you
So - Personal Identity
Hung - Infinite, Vibrating, and Real. All creation,
cosmic intelligence is within me.